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Quality of life can be hard to measure, but itís easy to recognize when you live it. Clean air, good schools, plentiful job opportunities, endless recreational activities, vibrant art scenes and affordability all rank high, but ask those whoíve discovered this place what they love about ďThe Lilac CityĒ and you get the real picture.

A banker will tell you how heartening itís been to witness the region hold steady during economic hard times, thanks to our mix of industries including aerospace, high tech, health care, manufacturing, education, forestry, mining and agriculture.

A mom will enthusiastically share all the places to take kids for a day of family fun including parks, museums, concerts, fairs and festivals. Her teenager will confess how cool it is to live less than two hours from five ski and snowboard resorts brimming with fresh powder during the winter and that thereís nothing better than tubing down the Spokane River on a hot summer day. And donít get dad started on his favorite outdoor adventures like fishing, golfing, mountain biking, hiking and boating.

A retiree on her morning walk in downtown Riverfront Park will show you the public art and encourage you to take a drive to see the flower bonanza at South Hillís Manito Park.

A college student rushing to class across one of our leafy campuses might cite affordable tuition, the first-class education heís getting or his new internship. And here in the Inland Northwest, no matter which school you attend, you have good reason to brag about the basketball or football teams.

Framed by mountains and rolling farmland, dotted with lakes and rivers and alive with a bustling downtown itís no wonder Spokaneís residents sing its praises.

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