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Matt Albright

Hometown: Stoughton, WI
Place of Residence: Liberty Lake
Occupation: Director, Northwest MedStars

In 1995, Spokane was Matt Albright’s first stop on his Air Force tour of duty. Today, he’s proud to call it home.

“Coming from the Midwest, I was concerned about leaving a small town. But Spokane has such a community connection. People have a passion for connecting with others here. Folks here go out of their way to take the time to help others, even transplants. They really go the extra mile to be inclusive.”

Having lived here as a member of the military, and now as a civilian, Matt says the people in the Inland Northwest really reach out to take care of the military population.

“I’ve been stationed in seven places and Spokane by far recognizes the military community above any other place I’ve been. When Airmen get to their first duty location they often struggle because they’re very young and usually don’t have a lot of experience in new surroundings. Spokane embraces them. The community makes them feel accepted, and offers so many opportunities to become involved – even for those who don’t have much experience or money. It makes a big difference.”

Matt and his wife have four children. One of the reasons they wanted to stay here is because of the school systems.

“We have one in high school, one in middle school, one in kindergarten and one toddler. It was important for us to see that not only teachers but also school administrators have a passion to make this an even better community.”

Growing up in Wisconsin, Matt spent summers on the lake and enjoyed many outdoor activities. Now he and his family spend a lot of time boating and getting out in the Inland Northwest.

“I love the outdoors and this area has so much to offer. There are mountains and lakes and great golf. Within a 45-minute drive I can be rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking or hiking trails. I can do anything I could ever want outdoors here. There are a lot of beautiful parks close by and so many activities for families – even big families – without a lot of cost involved. And the weather is perfect in all four seasons, with no humidity and no bugs.”

But it’s not all play for the retired Lieutenant Colonel. Matt is the Director of Northwest MedStar, a non-profit organization that provides premier critical care transport services to ill or injured patients through helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and ground ambulances.

“We have a phenomenal team that is all about delivering compassionate care to our customers. For me, this organization is an example of what the Spokane community is about – taking care of each other. To be able to stay in Spokane and work with an organization like this is a slam dunk.”

“I’m one of Spokane’s biggest cheerleaders. Spokane is a diamond in the rough and I feel very blessed to be able to settle here.”


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