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When a business, family or individual considers relocating or expanding to a new community, educational opportunities are often top priority. The Inland Northwest exceeds that requirement with an eye to future needs in the ever-changing workforce, quality K-12 schools, vibrant community college networks, access to programs in the regionís six public four-year universities and two private four-year universities.

Education is embedded in the fabric of life and learning in the Spokane region. Several forward-thinking programs are in place to involve parents, business leaders and professionals in our studentsí educations and get them ready for the rapidly-evolving workplace. The nearly 80,000 students enrolled in public and private higher education institutions in the Inland Northwest are supported by strong schools, innovative programs and a variety of degree offerings.

Spokane STEM

The Spokane STEM Network serves as a catalyst for science, technology, engineering and math learning and innovation throughout our community. Career-connected learning helps better prepare our regionís young people for STEM careers while giving our workforce the tools to compete on a global playing field. Essentially, the network connects schools to businesses Ė it helps students form a clear vision for their career paths and gives them the direct skills they need to succeed both in classroom and on the job.

Partnerships with our regionís K-12 school districts, higher education institutions and businesses have created pioneering programs with STEM-based curriculum like the Institute of Science Technology, Kootenai Technical Education, Riverpoint Academy, Riverside Technical Academy and Spokane Valley Tech. Our educators and after-school organizations provide unique programs that stimulate enhanced learning through problem solving, collaboration and peer-to-peer leadership.

Among those programs is Business AfterSchool Ė a series of fun, industry-specific weeklong open house events for students, educators, parents and community organizations. Focusing on engineering, manufacturing, health care and computer science, the sessions get kids out of the classroom where they can learn more about what skill sets are needed in local industries.

Teaching the Teachers workshops give educators the chance to experience the opportunities their students may find in future education and the business world.

The Inland Northwest region offers robotics programs for students in kindergarten through high school. The after-school activities help to instill a love of science and technology that will inspire our younger generations to pursue them as a career. The programs vary but at every level the concepts are the same Ė using fun, teamwork, technology and the spirit of competition to learn to problem solve and to give students 21st Century Learning Skills for future endeavors.

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